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PAIR Super Fix Rubber Clamp Pair 64-241mm Holds 22Kgs Each - Mount Tools On Vehicles

PAIR Super Fix Rubber Clamp Pair 64-241mm Holds 22Kgs Each - Mount Tools On Vehicles

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Brand: Super Fix

Material: Rubber

Item Weight: 80 grams each

About this item

  • 【Super Strong】Holds objects from 2-½” to 9-½” (64mm to 241mm) in diameter
  • 【Super Easy】Mounts easily with one 6mm bolt or screw
  • 【Function】Universal grip with quick release when needed.
  • 【Package List】pack contains 2 super fist 64241 Clamps
  • 【Purchase service】 If you have any questions about product installation or quality, please contact us in time. We will resolve it as soon as possible.


Product description


This PAIR of rubber clamps holds objects  2-½” to 9-½” (64mm to 241mm) in diameter. Mounts easily to keep shovels, axes, hoses and other tools or implements securely in place. Use on work vehicles, trailers, fire and police units, off road trucks, military equipment, 4x4s, ATVs, RVs, boats or on any wall.

Use either #10 screw or bolt and washer (Do Not Over tighten); or use sheet metal screws and washers through the holes on the pad.                                                  

The SUPER FIST can be mounted with the strap facing in any direction.                          To clamp: Put the tool or implement into the jaws and push the strap to its desired tightness.         

The  SUPER FIST clamps are great as pipe stand-offs, but do not use on pipes whose temperature consistently exceeds 180 degrees F (or 82 degrees C).


Material: Rubber

Colour: Black

Size Range: 2-½” to 9-½” (64mm to 241mm)

Package Weight: Approx. 450g

Applications: Fits for cars/trucks/tractors and marine applications for safe storage of tools.

Package Included: 

2 x Super fist clamps 

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