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Hills Adventure

Leatherman Eyeglass Screwdriver Phillips and Flat Tip Eyeglass Bit | Micro Bit Adapter

Leatherman Eyeglass Screwdriver Phillips and Flat Tip Eyeglass Bit | Micro Bit Adapter

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Adapter for Leatherman Eyeglass Screwdriver Bit  | Fits Leatherman Large Bit Driver | Phillips and Flat Tip Eyeglass Bit  |Bit Kit Addition | Micro Bit Adapter

Brand: Hills Adventure ( Not Genuine Leatherman)

Material: SLS Nylon

Item Weight: 1 gram

About this item

  • 【Great Alternative】This tiny change makes all the difference. 
  • 【Easier and Safer】The adaptor fits in the standard bit receiver and can also fit       in the bit extender to be used as a micro screwdriver independently. 
  • 【Function】Allows the eyeglass screwdriver to be used on any Leatherman with a large bit driver.
  • 【Package List】1 x 3D printed SLS nylon adapter (does not include the Philips and flat tip eyeglass bit)
  • 【Note】 This is not a genuine Leatherman product. 
  • 【Purchase service】 If you have any questions about product installation or quality, please contact us. We will resolve it as soon as possible.


Product description


This 3D printed part came about because our surge has no facility for the eyeglass  bit. We looked around and found that there was an unmet need for a simple solution. This also allows the dual purpose use of the eyeglass bit in most Leatherman multi tools or on its own in the Leatherman bit extender.  


Material: SLS Nylon

Density 0.034 lb/in3 (0.95 g/cm3) *

Flexural Strength 6,850 psi (47 MPa) *     * Value for Nylon 12 PA

Colour: Black

Package Weight: Approx. 50g

Package Includes: 

1 x 3D printed SLS nylon eyeglass bit adaptor.


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